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About Us


Our mission is supporting our customer's business growth through machines and services which match the customers demands from low investment to low operation costs solutions.


Our vision is being a team where the company takes care of it's employees through an excellent and motivating environment, training and the necessary space for personal development and the employees take care of their company through highly motivated work, a ,,WE" mentality and the mindset that customers and suppliers are part of our team.

We want to be more than your supplier or customer, we want to be the trusted first choice partner.


May 2013  Presentation of new Low Cost Handling System L-P-ROBOT-180-60 at INTERMACH 2013 in Bangkok

Feb. 2013  Foundation gerenga Service (Thailand) Co. ,Ltd.

Nov. 2012  Foundation gerenga (Thailand) Co. ,Ltd.


Customized Automation

Customized Automation stands for solutions we design on your special requirements.

Reasons for customized automation can be:

•  There is no solution in the market available.
•  Available solutions are too expensive.
•  Available solutions are too slow.
•  Available solutions are too complicated. o Available solutions do not fulfill other requirements.
•  Available solutions shall be further developed.

Standard Process

In these cases gerenga offers you your individual solution. The standard procedure is:

1.  Understanding your process
2.  Understanding your requirements
3.  Concepts for possible solutions
4.  Design
5.  Prototype
6.  Implementation/Roll Out

We would like to be

"Your Trusted First Choice Partner"