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Thailand based Engineering & Automation Solutions are required to increase operations growth, cost reductions and quality improvements. From short lead time systems to fully customized machines, gerenga’s wide range of machines and services is key to provide best fit solutions to fulfill your requirements  for further growth and cost reduction.

The Typical Customer Process

The typical  customer process , when cost reduction, process improvements, capacity increases or quality improvements are needed, is:

1. Your staff or you think about what is needed to fulfill the requirements

This is in many situations the case but you already limit your possible solutions and this can create disadvantages for you because of the following reasons:

•  Maybe your staff doesn‘t have a wide overview what kind of solutions are actually possible so these get not considered.
•  Maybe your staff is spending time with seeking suppliers for your solution but it would be worth more to your company when they would focus on topics where they are the specialists
•  Maybe you don‘t have the ressources to look for the optimal solution.
•  Maybe your staff is specialized on your products but not on machines and automation.
•  Maybe your staff is not familiar with highly automated systems

As your requirements in different projects can be very different you need a partner which covers the whole range from of-the-shelf systems to your custom made machine if required.

gerenga is providing solutions from simple systems to fully automated lines. We build what you need and what is the best solution for you. We observe the automation developments all over the world but look at it with Thailand manufacturing glasses means we understand your daily challenges you fight in Thailand manufacturing and seek the best solution for you as we want to serve you in the best possible way.

The Best Solution

2. You are looking for suppliers who can deliver a machine or system and you evaluate whether it fits

This is a very time consuming process and has another disadvantage for your:

Standard suppliers can only offer their system and try to make it work for your requirements which doesn‘t mean you get the best solution.

gerenga is working differently as we look for the best solution for the challenge you are fighting and don’t limit ourselves to our existing product portfolio as your specific requirements are our focus to provide your best solution as this is our mission.

We would like to be

"Your Trusted First Choice Partner"