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gerenga supports you on your automation projects with the best overall solutions. We understand your demand for easy to use, easy to maintain, investment value and flexible systems. This is why gerenga added very flexible robots to its portfolio. Our robots can be programmed with less than one hour of training.

Understanding the functionality, cost efficiency and safety requirements from our customers, we selected UNIVERSAL ROBOTS as the perfect fit. As the UNIVERSAL ROBOTS distributor in Thailand we offer the robotic arms UR5, UR10 and the gerenga robot accessories.






For further information please contact us contact@gerenga.com

Automation innovation - the flexibility of the universal robots arm managed by gerenga's applications offers endless possibilities to build custom solutions.



      Unloading From Pallet To Conveyor

        Unpacking From Box

          Loading and Unloading CNC Machines

            Loading and Unloading Functional Testers

              Loading and Unloading Quality Testers

                Glue Dispensing



                      Visual Inspection

                        Cleaning and Washing





                                  Packing Into Box

                                    Loading From Pallet To Conveyor



                                  PROCESS DEVELOPMENT WITH UNIVERSAL ROBOTS

                                  gerenga has extensive experience using the robotic arms as proof of concept on process development, a fast and flexible solution to test process automation.

                                  The robot allows quick test setups to evaluate whether it is possible to automate a specific process. Once the process is realized , the solution can be evaluated regarding quality, speed and return of investment. A typical outcome is a robot solution which can perform the process very well but may not be the fastest or cheapest possible realization like a custom machine. Why would it make sense to use the robot anyways?



                                  The answer is production flexibility. How stable is your production or more specifically your product? Are you sure you will still run this product or process at the end of your return of investment period? If this is the case, let us build a custom machine for you and let the robot evaluate the next process in your production.

                                  Manufacturing processes can change over time and single purpose solutions can become obsolete. The flexible and cost effective gerenga designs with robotic arms resolve this problem.

                                  gerenga, your trusted first choice partner, offers solutions that address your requirements and supports you on your evolution of manufacturing.

                                  Contact us for more information contact@gerenga.com


                                  Base01 Base02 Base03 Base04



                                  Application01 Application02 Application03 Application04



                                  ROBOT GRIPPER

                                  Gripper01 Gripper02 Gripper03 Gripper04

                                  gerenga provides standard grippers as a plug & play package but gerenga's engineering team also develops and designs custom gripper based on your specific requirements.



                                  ROBOT BASES

                                  Base01 Base02 Base03

                                  Based on your application, gerenga provides various base from simple training bases over flexible development robot bases, ground installation bases to your customized base matching your manufactturing application and production environment.


                                  ROBOT ACCESSORIES

                                  Accessory01 Accessory02 Accessory03 Accessory04

                                  For quick implementation gerenga offers a wide range of accessories to provide you a full package with fast realization.


                                  Example Setup Of Exhibition Booth Automation


                                  Tutorial 1: Installation of UR5 (Thai)


                                  Tutorial II: Basic Programming (Thai)


                                  Zimmer Group Manual Tool Changer Introduction


                                  Automating Semi-Automated Equipment with Universal Robot, Example Component Marking


                                  Jewelry Industry: Proof of Concept Test


                                  Jewelry Industry: Introducing Indutherm VC650R Ready To Use With Universal Robots UR10


                                  Automotive 3D Measurement with Hexagon System


                                  Show case: Universal Robots UR10 Application Mix