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Finding the right machine or supplier is a known problem but usually underestimated as well as getting the machines into series production once ordered. Typically engineering staff, if available, is trained on the specific product and manufacturing requirements but not so much on machines and technologies. As finding the right machine is crucial as well as ramping it up to actual capacity increase.

gerenga offers technical skills, knowledge and experience to support it’s customers with following services:

•  Project Management
•  Specification Services
•  Pre-Shipment Services
•  Post-Shipment Services
•  Ramp Up Services

Project Management

Project Management means getting additional resources to support capacity increases or new technology implementations.

Mostly new equipment is required when business is going very well and the capacity is not enough. In this challenging time new equipment needs to be ordered but often no internal resources are available to support. Beside planning and calculation support several special services are offered, starting with specification service.

Specification Service

Every equipment purchase needs a  specification or at least requirement list to protect your business. Common understanding of a specification is that is says what the machine actually does and is provided my the machine manufacturer. This is not the specification we are talking about. The specification for you as a customer needs to protect your interests and needs to capture for example the manufacturer machine specification date but in more detail requirements like machine uptime,  number of operator required, spare part guarantee, mean time between failures, mean time to repair, safety requirements, production information and so on. gerenga supports putting the requirements together to ensure that a proper purchase order with full documentation can be placed and the understanding for machine manufacturer and customer are clear and defined.

This document is also the base for possible pre-shipment services provided by gerenga .

Pre-Shipment Services

 Pre-shipment services covers topics from specification until the machine leaves the manufacturer site. This can include market research  to find possible supplier, supplier on site evaluation, supplier on site tests and negotiations up to what is called on site acceptance test (SAT) on which the machine is tested against a partial or full specification. This means as a customer you have your staff still in your factory support your customer demands while an experienced and highly skilled team ensures that the machine your are buying fulfills your production requirements. Simply speaking you add temporary the resources you need to get specified and tested equipment to your factory.

Post-Shipment Services

Post-shipment services covers several services like factory acceptance test, which tests the machine fully against specification with your operator under defined conditions, and ramp up service.

Ramp Up Service

Ramp up service simply means the machine is ramped up to full machine output within your production. This can be one of the most challenging tasks especially when it is related to implementing or developing new technologies. gerenga supports you with a team of engineers and technicians based on your demand in process development, machine setup, training, work instructions, quality requirements and hand over to your team.

After the machine is handed over, gerenga furthermore supports you, if you wish, on machine setups, troubleshooting and continuous improvements and basically acts as your local support team if for example a foreign machine supplier doesn’t support directly.

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